Terms & Conditions for User Registration
Terms and Conditions A list of rules and regulations are in place in Swan Leisure, members must agree to comply with the rules and regulations in each area as directed by staff of Swan Leisure.  Payment on the monthly direct debit payent option are due regadless of usage. Direct Debit paying members agree to a minimum 12 month commitement.  This contract renews automatically on a month to month basis offer.  We require 60 days written notice of your intention to cancel after this period.  Proof of postage/receipt of written notificaiton by Swan Leisure is required.  Managment have the right to terminate any membershp without giving any reason at the managments discretion.  All paid up front memberships are non refundable once a 14 day cooling off period is complete regardless of usage.  Joinng fees are non refundable.  The member acknowledges that he/she is in good health and is not suffereing from any illness or disease.  Should your medical circumstance change during your memnbership it is your responsiblity to inform club managment of these changes.  We strongly recommend all new members avail of our free inducitons to ensrue equipment is being used safely.